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About our company

We are a hard money and subprime lender, we originate and fund real estate loans in California.  We fill the void when the big banks and large institutional lenders will not lend to Borrowers who just don’t in the box.  We finance Borrowers and properties that many other lenders shy away from.  Most of our company’s clients have some type of credit blemish or possible lack of provable income or just need to get the money now.  As a private real estate lender we are not constrained by the restrictive banking and government regulations that so often prevent a Borrower with flaws to receive a turn down notice.  We show up everyday focusing on solutions not problems.  We go the extra mile every day to serve our Borrowers.

We are located in Tarzana, California a suburb of Los Angeles located in the San Fernando Valley.  We lend and do business throughout all of California.

Reach your potential while serving others Westar Lending Group is a company rich in heritage tracing its roots back nearly 40 years. We are a company that’s been around a long time but we continue to stay on the cutting edge of financing programs and technological innovations. We offer an environment that’s conducive to achievement and remuneration. Our company originates real estate loans as both a principal and Broker.  We are 100% committed to supporting our clients and investors needs, from our initial contact all the way through the transaction and beyond.

Loan Origination Agent Loan Origination Assistant Loan Processing Manager Loan Processing Assistant Escrow Closing Agent Escrow Closing Assistant Sales and Marketing Internet Sales and Marketing In addition there are various administrative and support positions necessary to make it possible for us to do what we do every day.

Benefits of Employment

Our employees and managers enjoy a generous benefits employment package. We provide an environment for growth and advancement.  Some of the benefits our company offers are:

  • Competitive salary and commissions
  • Medical Coverage
  • Paid vacations
  • 401K Programs

We offer medical coverage, paid vacation and a 401K program that are available to both salary and commission employees and agents.  We provide an environment of growth and provide a continuing education program that keeps up to date with new and upcoming innovations in our industry.  If you have talent and are not afraid to roll your sleeves up we want to talk with you.

Employment Core Values

Our mission daily is to be the best we can be for our clients and our investors and to be a positive force in the community. Consistent with our Mission we have developed the following core values and beliefs that direct our actions to those we serve and to the community.
Treat everyone we serve and come in contact with the highest respect
Provide the highest professional customer service
Always strive for the highest integrity in everything we do
Always be an innovator and think outside of the box
Strive to excel at everything we do

Now with these principals in mind we try daily to make our company a challenging and happy placed to go to 5 days a week.  We are not a glum lot, we truly believe in the principals of working hard and playing hard.  We try to have fun at what we do and make our company open and friendly to all we serve and work with.  We believe that dedication and hard work deserves to be acknowledged.

We Cultivate a Diverse Workforce

Our company’s employment environment is one of inclusion; we understand that a diverse and talented workforce with varying perspectives and ideas from diverse backgrounds adds to our culture in so many ways.  We firmly believe that when talented and professional individuals from varied backgrounds come together synergy is formed.  We can truly be more than the sum of our parts.

If you feel that you might be a good fit and possess a can do attitude and are ready and willing to have a good time while helping and serving other then we went to talk with you.  So call our office at (888) 797-7970 and talk with us about joining our team.

Or if you like you can E-Mail your resume and areas of education and experience to for career consideration. We look forward to speaking with you real soon!