Company Lending Policy




We don’t operate like a bank or institutional lenders.  We provide our bad credit mortgages with funds from private investor funds.  We don’t put our Borrowers through all the credit and income hoops that many other lenders do.  We also won’t put our Borrowers through weeks of searching for credit and income documents in a quest to get their mortgage loan approved only to have their loan application turned down.  We truly are a lender willing to fund mortgage loans for bad credit Borrowers.

For Borrowers who have been turned down or received a decline notice from a bank or institutional lender we are the best source for hassle free real estate loans and financing, i.e., business loans, real estate loans, and probate loans.  We can provide you with one (1) day loan financing and can close it in less than two weeks.  Many of our Borrowers receive their mortgage in less than a week.

We base our lending decisions on the equity in shutterstock_183120434 the property and our Borrower’s ability to repay the mortgage loan when it comes due.  We are not a bank, institutional lender or a government agency so as such we are not restricted by layers and layers of needless management and overwhelming lending policies.  In addition, we also lend to Borrowers who have had past bankruptcies or have been in foreclosures.

We are aware that the economy has not been good and that many people  have suffered  job and business losses over the past several years that might have negatively impacted their credit and even their monthly income.  We believe that every Borrower deserves an alternative to the difficult lending standards that many of the big banks and institutional lenders are currently employing.  We do exactly the opposite of what the big banks and institutional lenders currently are doing.

We don’t focus all of our attention on whether you have a bad credit history or have had collection accounts or even current late payments on your credit, or maybe even problems proving your income.  No, what we do is focus our attention on the property that you are looking to finance.  If you have sufficient equity in your property we will try our best to get you a 1 day loan approval and lend you the money you need with little to no hassle.

We always approach each mortgage application from our Borrowers in a make sense perspective, so as such, we always strive to accommodate alternative income and credit documentation when necessary.