Since we are a California hard money lender and not constrained by needless government regulation that so often restrict the big banks or other large institutional lenders we are able to lend on just about any type of real estate, i.e., business, real estate investment properties, and probate estates.

Our lending standards are so much more flexible than the big banks and other large institutional lenders.  In fact, we specialize in poor and bad credit home loans in Los Angeles.

The property you own is much moreSan Die houses important to us than either your income or credit.  Since we are an equity based lender we primarily look to the equity you have in your property when making our lending decisions.

The only restrictions is that the real estate that we are lending on must be located in California.

There are several components of the property that we do take into consideration when providing real estate financing.  They can be broken down into two general categories:

 Legal Ownership   

When making a mortgage loan to a Borrower we need to confirm that the Borrower does own the property we are being asked to lend money against.  Furthermore we need to confirm if there are any other loans or liens recorded against the property.  We accomplish this task by employing the services of a title company, who performs the title and lien investigation of the property.  If there are ever any problems that comes up that could prevent us from lending we jump into action and work with our Borrowers, associated lien holders and any other party that needs to be contacted in our quest to “Straighten Things Out” and get the title to the property “Cleared Up” so we can move forward and make our Borrower a real estate loan.

Physical Property

This can be further broken down into two categories:

Land, this is the part that God built, this is the ground that the structure is built on.  When the property is appraised a value component is assigned to the land.  Land is not movable so land in a better location will appraise at a higher value.  The old adage “location, location, location” is so important in the valuation of the property.

Structure, this is the part that man built.  It can be a house, duplex, 4-Plex, apartment building, commercial building or even a single purpose building.

We do consider the condition of the property when preparing to the make a Borrower a mortgage loan but the good news is that we are so much more flexible than other lenders.  We do allow our mortgage loans to be used to make necessary repairs to the property or we will allow deferred maintenance to be present when we close our loan.  We just need to confirm that no hazards exist with the property when we close our loan.

We are always available to review your property free of charge to see if there might be any possible problems that might preclude us from making you a loan.

(888) 797-7970

We really want to help you get the money you need.

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