Mission Statement




Our company’s mission is to be the premier California hard money and subprime lender.  We  accomplish this goal by being the best we can be every day for our Borrowers and Investors by providing the best financing at the best rates and terms allowing our clients the best opportunity to achieve their financial goals.

We do everything in our power to provide financing to as many Borrowers and safe investments to as many investors as possible.  We don’t let our Borrower’s bad credit or limited income get in the way of our company providing real estate financing.

We always strive to deliver what we promise and deliver it on time and under budget in terms of closing costs and rates on our mortgage loan programs.  Our goal is to please and we aim to over deliver on what we promise to our Borrowers and Investors.

We work daily to deliver the best possible professional service to our Borrowers by employing the most experience and trained staff and delivering on our commitments.

Our goal is to be a good corporate citizen and a positive influence to the community.

We really want our Borrowers to happy working with our company and not stressed from the process of just getting a real estate loan.