We take the requirement of keeping our Borrower’s shutterstock_124568911documentation private and secure from the outside world.

We comply with all Federal and State laws requiring our company to protect our Borrower’s sensitive credit, income and financial data while in our possession.

Since we often are in possession of sensitive financial and credit information on our Borrowers we employ a stringent policy of protecting our Borrower’s information.  All Borrower files are securely stored in our offices and all computer access to Borrower’s information is password protected.   Any online transfer of data is securely protected and monitored on a daily basis.

We never share, sell or distribute our Borrower’s information with any other company, person or entity whatsoever other than our investors who are the ultimate lenders to our Borrowers.  We execute a privacy policy agreement with each investor as to never distribute or discuss sensitive Borrower information with anyone other than designated representatives from our company in the normal course of extending credit to our Borrowers.