Broker Approval Application

This form can be easily completed in just a few minutes by our broker applicants. Once the completed Broker Approval Application is submitted to our broker approval department an approval can be issued within 24 hours or less.

W9 Form

This a Internal Revenue Service form that we are required to have every mortgage broker our company works with to sign providing payment and tax identification information required to comply with federal law.

Short Summary Submission

This form is used by our mortgage brokers to submit the basics of a potential loan transaction so we can determine if the loan will fit into our lending parameters.

1003 Application

This is the standard real estate loan applicationshutterstock_136235561 that is used by most lenders in the industry. Our company has chosen to use the FNMA 1003 application as our company’s loan application. Most Borrowers have seen the form in prior transactions and are familiar with the completion of the form.

Borrowers Certification and Authorization

This form is where the Borrower signs giving authorization for our company to investigate loan payoffs, payment histories, employment verifications and any other necessary contact that require borrower authorization.

Equal Credit Opportunity Act Disclosure

This is a Federal law requiring lending institutions to provide credit to Borrowers without consideration as to race, color or nation origin.

Fair Lending Notice

This is the California law requiring lending organizations originating real estate loans in California to not discriminate to borrower applicants in the business of lending on real estate.