Fix and Flip Loans

Fix and Flip Loans are for investors who are in the business of actively locating properties to purchase at a discount, making necessary repairs and improvements and later selling the property for a profit, our Fix & Flip loans can provide the needed capital to make the deal work.

We are aware that financing costs are a substantial cost component in any Fix & Flip Loan transaction so we always strive to structure the lowest possible interest rates and costs for our Borrowers.

We offer many different loan programs to choose from but our most popular is our Interest Only program, since it provides the lowest monthly expense and can be paid off in full when the property is sold.

Under certain circumstances we can set up an interest impound reserve account to provide for the loan’s monthly mortgage payments to further reduce monthly project costs.

We are an equity lender and look to the equity in the subject property to secure our loan so don’t let your credit or income stand in the way of you taking advantage of finding and buying a good deal and making a lot of money in today’s real estate market.

If you have a possible deal and would like our company to check out the merits of the transaction and determine the maximum financing we can provide to you then please call one of our loan consultants for a complete evaluation of your Fix & Flip transaction.

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