Probate Financing

We have been providing probate loans to heirs of probate estates and to trust beneficiaries in the state of California for over twenty years.  We are not concerned if you have poor credit, bad credit or even no income because if you are the beneficiary of an estate we can make a mortgage loan based on the equity in the real estate you are going to inherit.  Your past credit history or limited income will not be a problem for us getting you the money you need.  We strive to make the process as smooth and seamless as possible for our Borrowers.

We work directly with the Estate Attorney or Executor of the Estate to work out all of the necessary details and court approvals on your behalf.  Under most circumstances the probate estate mortgage loan is paid back from assets of the estate, so in most circumstances our Borrower doesn’t need to make any monthly payments.  We provide needed funds to meet financial obligations by the estate prior to final settlement of the probate.  Emergency cash is available when needed.

For probates that require immediate financing for needed obligations and for beneficiaries who are in need of funds prior to the completion of the probating of the estate and the ultimate estate distribution.

If the requested financing requires court approval, Westar Lending Group, Inc. can prepare and arrange to deliver to the court the necessary documentation and financing disclosures sufficient for the court to approve the requested estate financing.

Our terms and costs vary depending on the complexity of the estate and the time necessary to fully administer and distribute the assets of the estate.

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