shutterstock_92710777Our Business Loan financing programs are designed for California borrowers who have credit and income problems that need the necessary funds required for any business purpose.  Private mortgage loans can be made to an individual, a corporation, an LLC, a Partnership or to a Trust, can be used for expansion, or to start a new business and can be secured against the commercial property where the business is located or by the Borrower’s primary residence with the required signed business use disclosures.

Business Operating Financing


Private mortgage loans can be used to balance out cash flow throughout the year or to provide additional capital to purchase inventory or finance desired business projects. If your business carries inventory and you need additional capital to make necessary purchases from your wholesale suppliers we can get you themoney you need to make your business more profitable.  Don’t let your negative credit, bad credit or lack of income stand in the way of making your business successful.  We look to the equity in the real estate you own to lend you the money you need.

Business Expansion Financing

When opportunity presents itself, our Business Loans can be used to move a business to the next level or to simply take advantage of immediate opportunities. If you need to get acquisition money to buy another business or complete a joint venture we can get you the money you need.  We will lend you money on your existing property or on the property owned by the business you are purchasing to structure your expansion.

Negative Credit and low income will notbe a problem in lending you money since we are basing our loan on your existing equity or equity in the property being purchased.

Business Plant and facility Financing

When space becomes a problem for a growingshutterstock_187606628 business, private mortgage loans are a good choice for location or facility expansion.  Funds are available for construction and equipment purchases.  We are flexible on our terms and due dates so we can tailor a financing program that fits your business needs.

We can loan you money on an existing property you already own or can lend on the property you are purchasing.  Either way your credit will not prevent you from building and expanding your business and making a lot more money.

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