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If you are a resident of the city of San Diego we are your best choice for real estate financing.  We have been lending to property owners in San Diego for over 20 years.  We know San Diego City and county very well.   If you have a property located in The Gas Lamp District, Mission Valley, Coronado or even La Jolla have a loan program to satisfy your real estate lending needs.  Or if you own a house down in Chula Vista or a rental property over in Escondido or even a commercial property in El Cajon we also have a loan programs to fit your needs.

We are a San Diego hard money lender. We representshutterstock_195132269 private investors and we also lend throughout California.  But when given the choice we prefer urban areas and large populations centers.  San Diego is a favorite location for many of our private investors.  We fund San Diego hard money loans. We are not held back by layers of government regulations that so many other real estate lenders are subjected to on a daily basis.  So we are able to make loans to property owners who would otherwise be turned down.  We lend on California real estate, we will consider most any type of property to lend on, even special use properties, industrial buildings and even churches.  We try our best to say yes as often as possible.

Since banks are so difficult in approving loans these days we stand ready to fill the void  by providing financing to borrowers that other lenders have turned down.

We have a network of appraisers in San Diego who are very knowledgeable with the property values and local San Diego market.  We can move fast when time is of the essence.

If your transaction involves constructionshutterstock_131611487 or property improvement and you are required to contact the building or planning departments we can assist you through the maze of governmental regulations.  We have years of experience working with building and safety and planning departments and are very familiar with what will get you a governmental approval.  If your project requires some sort of public hearing and involves a planning board approval or redevelopment district approval we can provide a loan approval package that can be used to assure governmental agencies that project financing is in place.

If you are a borrower who has:

  • Credit problems
  • Difficulty proving your income
  • Difficulty in getting your loan approved
  • Been turned down

Then we want to talk with you.

If you would like to receive a lending quote or a loan approval then please complete our Online Application on our website and submit it to our underwriting department.  As soon as we receive your application we will inform you that we have received it, will do our research and due diligence and will get right back to you with a loan determination that same day.

If you have any questions or would like to receive additional loan program disclosures then just complete our contact form and we will get you the information you need.

Or just call us, we still do business the old fashion way.  We like talking to our borrowers, answering their questions and solving their problems.

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