Which Residential Loan is right for You?

We make hard money loans funded by private investors to Borrowers with poor credit, bad credit or limited income.  If your credit or income does not fit in the box for the approval standards of the big banks or other large institutional lenders we can step in and make you a mortgage loan with bad credit.  Our lending standards are so much different than what is employed by the normal funding sources such as Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.  You won’t spend months with us trying to get a home mortgage with bad credit.  We’ll let you know right away what we can do for you and when we can do it.

shutterstock_270348764We offer a number of different types of Hard Money Loans, financing plans from which to choose.  Our main loan categories are: Business Loans, Investment Loans and Probate Loans.  In addition we offer a number of variations of each loan type along with a number of debt consolidation and refinancing programs for our Borrowers.  We always have money to loan.  Our loan officers are available to assist you in deciding which of the many loan programs available will best fit your needs.

Business Loans

We are a California Hard Money Lender that can help you if you have credit or income problems and own an existing California business and need to expand or want to start a new business.   We can provide you with a private mortgage business loan  to balance your cash flow, to purchase needed inventory or equipment, or to fund a new initiative.  We use the equity in the real estate you own to lend you the money you need, so credit and income are not a problem.  We can provide you with a home loan that is secured by your residence provided it is for business purposes.  We only need a business loan disclosure statement signed by you prior to funding your loan.

Investment Loans

Our Investment Loan program was developed to assist Borrowers with credit and income problems acquire real estate or to refinance an existing investment property in California.  We can also help you pay off existing real estate debt, fund needed property repairs and make improvements.  We can use the equity in the property you currently own or the equity in the property you are purchasing to lend you the money you need.

Probate Loans

Our Probate Loan program is designed to provide immediate funding to beneficiaries prior to the probating of an estate and estate distribution.  shutterstock_163240454So even if you have poor or bad credit, are working or not, if you are a beneficiary and will be inheriting California real estate we can lend you the money you need using the equity in the property you are inheriting.

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