Our real estate loans are designed for Borrowers that have poor credit, bad credit or limited income who need money for a real estate investment acquisition or for the refinancing of an existing investment property.

Real estate investment loans can be used to pay off existing debt or to obtain cash out for additional investment purposes.  We can also lend you money to purchase residential apartments, commercial or industrial properties. We can structure our loan to an individual, a corporation, an LLC, a Partnership or to a Trust. In today’s California real estate environment buyers need to move fast to take advantage of buying opportunities.  We can move as fast as necessary to help you achieve your financial goals.  We believe that just because our Borrower has bad credit or low income, should not prevent them from getting the real estate loan they need.shutterstock_115953430

Our Investment Loans can be structured and customized for the following:

Foreclosure Purchase

The terms of purchase at a foreclosure Trustee Sale is cash only,  which often requires more cash into a particular deal than most purchasers want in any particular transaction.  We can immediately structure a real estate loan to pull cash back out of the newly purchased property providing additional cash to purchase more investment opportunities. If the value of the property is more than the purchase price you are paying we might be able to get you up to 100%  purchase financing regardless of whether you have less than prefect credit or income problems.

Buy and Hold Strategy

Borrowers can use our Investment Loans to make necessary repairs and to make additional improvements to a newly purchased property.  Our Investment Loans can then roll over into permanent financing for the balance of the term of the loan.

Refinancing of existing propertyshutterstock_154025894

When cash is needed or an existing loan has come due for payoff, our Investment Loans can be used by Borrowers to pay necessary financial obligations without the unfortunate decision to sell the property to pay off obligations.

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