For our borrowers who have good credit and verifiable income we are now offering our new Subprime Financing in Los Angeles, California.

While it’s not for everyone, it just might be the solution to borrowers who just fell a little short of getting a loan approval at their bank or large institutional lender.

Getting approved does require a minimum credit score and income requirements to get approved, but for those who do quality will receive a lower interest rate, loner loan terms and higher loan amounts that just might be the difference in achieving financial goals.

Since the banks and the other large institutional lenders have been increased their qualifying requirements for both credit and income our Subprime lending program provides a middle ground that provides our borrowers an additional option when deciding on the right real estate lending program.

The credit requirements are the distinct difference when compared to our company traditional lending programs and the program is currently only available for 1 to 4 residential properties. So if you own a single family house, duplex, triplex or 4 units you qualify to apply for the additional benefits offered by our new lending program. Also if you own a condominium or townhouse your property qualifies.

Subprime Financing